ssedsse023400003013_medBy default it substitutes your search box with the search box designed as facebook style, however some designs may break because facebook search box is more than 300px wide, to change these settings navigate to Settings -> ajaxy search form

  1. a list of all custom post types will appear using the default template, included with this plugin, except the categories which have a different template.
  2. under each post type there is setting to change whether u want to show or hide this post type from search and how much results to show from this type, by default the search is limited to 5 only.
  3. under the template box of each post type u can see some tags, those tags are replaced by there respective values from that post type.u can add or remove these tags from the post type template.
  4. at the bottom, u will find some custom settings for the search box, setting the width is very important for most themes.

If anything i didn’t mention or u have any feedback please don’t hesitate to email me personally, i would be happy to help out…

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